Monday, February 22, 2010

"The First Date"

After we "met" in Panama City, Florida, our first "date" came quickly. Due to Susan's roommates interest in my roommate, a first date was quickly arranged, on the Monday night after we returned. We were invited over to their apartment for "dinner and a movie." I believe we did something simple, like burgers on the grill, but can't be sure. I'll never forget the movie, though, "Ghostbusters!". I can remember sitting on the couch, getting to know each other, laughing and joking with the movie playing.
After the movie, the two roommates "disappeared" for a while and left the two of us alone. Although it was a little awkward at first, we felt more and more comfortable as the night progressed. Although we had been at school for four years, and had known many of the same people, our paths had never really crossed before that. I had dated some of her sorority sisters, probably had been at many of the same parties, but never had we met.
Little did I know that the kiss we shared at the end of the first date meant that I would not be kissing anyone else for the rest of our lives together. The relationship was off to a good start.

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