Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Day on the Lake

Time is of no consequence when you are in love. I look back on the month that Susan and I dated when I was still in school. We met at the first of May and I graduated in early June. That month was a whirlwind of activity in which our lives became increasingly intertwined. One Saturday we headed for the lake. My other roommate had a boat and another friend had access to a "houseboat." We spent the day on the lake with lots of friends, skiiing and swimming and consuming lots of "sodas." It was a wonderful day. We were increasingly comfortable around each other, seamlessly making friends with and combining lives with each other. Even though crazy things happened, we laughed all the way through them. For example, we were flying along in the ski boat when we hit a sand bar and about threw everyone out in the water! When you are young and free, even potentially dangerous situations are an occasion to laugh and howl! There is a picture that I have of that day on the lake. I have my "Ray Ban Aviators" on and Susan has her cool sunglasses on too. She's got her sorority shirt on, and I have my fraternity shirt. There are days that need to be frozen in time and thawed from time to time to be able to experience them again. If I could, I would re-visit this day often. But then again, time is of no consequence when you are in love.

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